Technical Tuesday: Information Overload

I was at something of a loss about what to write for today. Usually when this happens I go on a knitting blog or look at what I am currently knitting and try to think of it from a beginning perspective. Nothing was really popping out at me this time. Procrastination actually saved me for this week.

On YouTube, I actually came across a channel entitled Studio Knit. Usually I focus on one technique and post several videos for that one specific technique, but Studio Knit posts video patterns.

The roses from the pattern above were posted as a mother’s day pattern, but they could easily be used for something else! Valentine’s Day? Simply flowers that could survive the horticultural attentions of anyone possessed of a black thumb.

These videos are only a few of all the ones on this channel, but they are excellent and a small sample of what is posted. If you’re hesitant about any of these projects, there are quite a few beginner videos to help you along the way!