Technical Tuesday: Double Pointed Needles

At the Creativ Festival this past weekend I was knitting in our booth. Quite a few people commented on my ability to use double pointed needles and asked me how I managed to learn. If you’ve been reading the blog for a while, or read older posts, you will know this was not always the case.

I used to loath double pointed needles and I would use any tip or trick to get out of using them. I even, accidentally, discovered how to do something of a modified magic loop method to avoid using them for projects like colour work mittens and sleeves.

I did not watch any kind of YouTube videos to figure it out. No no no, I was determined to learn the hard way. I buckled down and started knitting socks with dpn’s. I will admit it was hard in the beginning; I definitely made mistakes, but that is the beauty of learning, you’re allowed to make as many mistakes as you like!

After a pair of socks or two, something clicked and I got into a rhythm and from there it was magic. I always find it’s easier if you make sure your left needle is under it’s connecting needle and your right needle (or working needle) goes over the next needle. Your needles build something of a log cabin around as you knit.
The beginning is always the most difficult, but don’t give up! At least 90% of being an amazing knitter is sheer unbridled fearlessness… and maybe a touch of stubbornness, but who’s counting?