Even though I haven’t had copious amounts of time for knitting and relaxing, there is always an episode or two of TV that sneaks in when cooking dinner or labeling yarn. We have begun falling behind on a lot of crucial shows like Castle, Agents of Shield, Outlander, etc. The list really does go on and on and on.

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I am going to talk about a new show today! Paul and I just started watching Daredevil on Netflix. This show is a Netflix original so I don’t believe it is being shown anywhere else. If you don’t know the premise of Daredevil, it is a Marvel comic about a blind man who is a lawyer by day and vigilante by night.

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I don’t really read up on that many comic books, so I cannot attest to how closely the TV show sticks to the comics, but the story has always fascinated me. The main character, Matt Murdock, lost his sight as a young boy. Since he lost his sight, Murdock’ other senses are heightened to compensate for this. As a result he is able to do incredible things, such as fight crime.

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I did see the Daredevil movie when it came out in 2003 and I liked how they showed Murdock’s interaction with everyday life. The movie used ghostly images to show how sound could translate to a type of sight. I really liked that effect because it allowed you to see some of the problems he dealt with as well as how he was able to do some of the incredible things he was doing.

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In the TV series, so far, they give a little less explanation about how Murdock is able to jump around and fight 9 thugs at the same time. Since I’ve seen the movie, I know he is using small sounds and smells to figure things out, but if I didn’t know these details, it would seem a lot more supernatural.
We are a few episodes in and I really like it so far. I have the urge to throw off work entirely and marathon the episodes that are on Netfix and knit my problems away.