Don’t Stop Believing… or Knitting

I can’t believe it is April already! Springtime is upon us and I have therefore been working on my Lemon Waffle Socks! They are the epitome of spring and therefore need to be finished!! While I am writing this there is nothing left to be finished except the toe. The photo I post will be of the completed socks because there is really only a few more rows of them to be finished.

Lemon Waffle 04012015

I’ve had a few decent chunks of time to work on things, but I have spent most of the time working on these socks. I am going to start my next pair imminently, I am thinking I might do a pair for Paul. I’ve only made him two pairs and they’re both green. Branching out is a good thing! I don’t think I have any green sock yarn currently in my bin. There is quite a bit of purple, but I don’t know how much luck I would have getting Paul to wear bright purple socks…
Since I have been slacking horribly on upcoming knits, I am going to show you some better photos of Liane’s baby blanket. Sara took these photos for me and they are stunning, as always!

Liane Blanket Four

Liane Blanket One

Liane Blanket Three

Liane Blanket Two