Technical Tuesday: Helix Knitting

I am actually quite excited about today’s Technical Tuesday because I previously didn’t know this technique existed. I’ve made several striped hats and I always had that one stitch which was slightly off from the rest. I can’t wait to actually work this technique the next time I make a hat!

This video kind of starts in the middle and gives you a good idea of what this technique looks like on a finished object! Every time I have explained how to make a striped hat to someone I’ve just told them to carry the yarn up the middle of the inside. This might be a little bit more difficult to explain, but it would look so much better!

This video started right from the beginning so there are no questions about how to get started. I would have put this one first, but the other video gives a really good description of what helix knitting is and what it ends up looking like!
If anyone has tried this technique, what did you think of it? I think it would be awesome and cannot wait to try it! I’m going to have to pick out some colours for a hat now!