Technical Tuesday: There’s a Hole in my Bucket

I’ve taught several people how to knit, and one of the most universal problems I’ve seen is holes in knitting. Now, when I am sitting directly beside the person and watch what they’re doing, this is easy to catch and easy to fix. When you’re trying to teach someone to knit remotely, it’s a little harder to explain; so here are a couple videos about why there would be holes in your knitting and what to do about it!

The biggest thing to watch out for is to make sure you aren’t putting your working yarn over the needle. As mentioned in the video, this creates a yarn over and these are not the prettiest when you’re making something mostly stockinet stitch.

Now these fixes are for a yarn over that is recent. What if you didn’t notice? Or what if you were working on a larger project and didn’t want to stop knitting it before you saw your knitting troubleshooter? They would be much further down your knitting and it would be a lot harder to just tink back and slide the YO off. The following video gives a few solutions to this problem.

I am always looking for more techniques to cover so if you are ever unsure of anything please message me or post in our Ravelry group thread! There is no such thing as a stupid question and I want Technical Tuesdays to be informative for all!