Inspiration and the Attainable

Since my headaches have been going away, I’ve been trying to get back into the gym. Things go okay, there are bumps and pain-in-the-neck’s along the way, but I am doing okay. As I mentioned last post, the weather is getting warmer and for me… that makes me want to get out and do things!

Yoga Stress

When I am trying to motivate myself to go to the gym or do athletic things, I need incentive. Normally I sign up for a race or obstacle course because nothing motivates you like the thought “if I don’t train for this, I am going to die.” A lot of people will mull over signing up for a race, but that is a pitfall you must avoid. The first time I signed up for a 5K race, I was not a runner at all. I just signed up for it because a friend of mine was doing it and it sounded like fun. After I paid, I realized I would actually have to train for this. Complete madness, I know.

Work out no Punching

It was really motivating though. Every time I thought I would prefer to sleep in or something, I just thought about running the race and being trampled by all the really fit people behind me. THAT will get you out of bed in the morning.
Since I don’t have any races coming up, I haven’t been able to use that against myself, but I have found I really enjoy going onto Etsy or Pinterest and looking at all the wise-ass sayings on some workout clothes. Any of the photos I’ve posted in reference to this link back to the pages where you can purchase them. I keep setting little goals for myself and saying, “if I get to this point, I am going to buy that workout shirt.”

Sweatin Church

This kind of works double for me because not only am I striving toward a goal where I get a reward, I get a cool shirt. I am going to want to go work out just so I can wear that shirt.
I’ve read quite a few articles with interesting and sometimes crazy things to keep you getting to the gym. One of the ones I thought was funny yet clever, is to wear your work out clothes to bed. If you’re trying to get to the gym in the morning you sleep in the work out clothes. This way you only need to drag your sleep deprived self to the gym and don’t have to worry about getting dressed and all that jazz. This is especially true for women; have you ever tried to fight with a sports bra in the pre-dawn hours?
I’ll do another post full of awesome motivating things. It might not be obvious, but I try to apply the same principles to completing knitting that is really fighting me. Goals… and buying yourself something pretty!