WIP Wednesday

Things have been absolutely crazy this week and I’ve been feverishly attempting to get some FO’s for you guys! I’ve been working on the Lemon Waffle socks because they’re my socks for March and March is almost half over. My socks are not half way to being done either! Three out of twelve and I am already worried about being behind.
I’ve been thinking about doing toe up socks again. A couple knitting friends came over and talked about their love of toe up socks and told me about a technique to do a heel flap for toe up! I am definitely going to give this a try the next time I go for socks.

03102015 Lemon Waffle

The weather is starting to get warmer now and I will probably be able to do a couple rows in the car again. During the winter, our drive to the office wasn’t long enough to sufficiently warm up the car. Hence! I was not able to knit in the car for several months. It was a sad time, but there is more and more sunshine every day and there have been ACTUAL POSITIVE TEMPTERATURES!!
Whewf! Enough of the weather. I have also been making tracks on my Super Secret project; not actual tracks or anything, but a lot of progress to speak of! I wish I could show you photos, but it will have to wait until it is all done and delivered.


Something else I have been working on is a pattern! I started looking at my different pattern ideas and began putting together ideas for what I would do first! I am playing around with a few different things, but I am definitely working on a couple things. The first pattern I release will definitely be free so keep an eye out!