A Book!!

I haven’t talked about books in so long! It’s actually been a while since I was really into listening to all the book series I am into. Usually once I listen to an entire series and get really into it, I can’t wait for the next book to come out. Then I have to wait, and patience is not really my forte. I was out of touch so long I didn’t realize a book was coming out in a couple days.

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I don’t think I have mentioned any of Patricia Briggs series, she has two, but this one is very sweet. The Alpha and Omega series technically starts in an anthology called On the Prowl with a short story called Alpha and Omega. Usually this is referred to as book 0.5 since it is the start of the story and not technically a side story.

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The short story is not absolutely necessary to the plot of book number one, but I think it is a really great lead in and explains the relationship between the two main characters.

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This series parallels Patricia Briggs’ other series, the Mercedes Thompson books; which are also excellent! I read both series and love the little tie-in’s here and there. You also get a little bit more back story about characters that are central to the Mercedes Thomspson book, but play a more ‘off stage’ role.

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If the book covers didn’t give it away, these books are an urban fantasy about werewolves. Of all the werewolf books I’ve read, these ones are my favourite. When people transform they turn into actual wolves, rather than the creepy half wolf half human renditions that are so popular in movies.

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There is magic and a whole slew of other supernatural beings that come into the plot lines for this series, and keep it interesting. I attempt to talk everyone I meet into reading these books. There is a strong female lead in the Mercedes Thompson books, so they are naturally a little more appealing to a female audience, but the Alpha and Omega series centers on both Charles and Anna as main characters. Depending on your preferences, I strongly recommend you read all the books. ALLLL OF THEM!!!