You’re Welcome Citizen!

This is the designated time when I usually talk about the books I’ve been reading and listening to, but I am still lost down the podcast hole! The latest one I have been listening to is called Knit 1 Geek 2. They’re a podcast based in Canada; they’re practically my neighbours!!

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I really love all the podcasts I’ve come across, but it is especially great to find one that is local to me. Usually when podcaster’s talk about their LYS or events that are local to them, I desperately want to go check them out. The last couple I’ve listened to have been in California; that compared with the weather we’ve been having… I was almost ready to move.
Maggie and Karen talk about all things that have to do with geekery! They talk about movies and tv shows; review ones currently out and keep everyone up to date with news about upcoming features!
These ladies absolutely slay me; they’re so funny. Their podcast has the explicit tag because there is a little swearing and they get a little excited when they talk about some of the male characters; but it’s nothing untoward.
I’ve listened to the most recent couple episodes, and now I am working my way back. It’s actually really really fun to go back and listen to older episodes about movies that have already come out. Everyone makes predictions about movies and tv shows and theirs are really quite accurate. Sometimes I am bursting with glee because I know the movie coming out is going to totally BLOW THEIR EXPECTATIONS OUT OF THE WATER!!
I haven’t been listening that long, but I absolutely love their podcast!! Trust me and go listen!