Mason Jar Meals

Okay, this is the newest thing I am totally obsessed with. Making meals in advance is so awesome. I love coming home for lunch and having a meal ready. Just take it out of the fridge and you’re good to go!

Mason Jar Meals Three

Shauna was the first one to mention this to me and I checked Pinterest. Turns out it is a huge thing and there are recipes specifically for mason jar meals. There are even philosophies about the best order to place ingredients and whether there should or should not be dressing in the bottom when making salad.
I started out by making a few parfaits, but Paul said they weren’t quite filling enough. The next time I added greek yogurt instead of regular, for the extra protein.

Mason Jar Parfait One

That keeps me full for a really long time and barely satisfies Paul, for a couple hours anyway, so there is the perfect mid ground! The greek yogurt does make the parfait a little dry though. The yogurt has the consistency of mousse so it doesn’t really moisten the granola much. On one hand, you’re not going to get soggy granola, but on the other, it kind of sticks to the roof of your mouth.

Mason Jar Parfait Two

The first week I made one or two salads, but the second week I went totally off the deep end and made different salads and enough for the whole week. We’re on day four and they’re still great! The jars are airtight and therefore keep the lettuce fresh. The salad is still crunchy and the leaves don’t have any brown edges. I actually stirred some avocado in a bit of lemon juice and added them to the salad at the beginning of the week and they’re still green.
I am totally running with this, it’s an amazing time saver and I am less likely to eat junk for breakfast and lunch if I have them premade!