Technical Tuesday: Speedy speedy

One comment I get a lot when I am knitting in public is how fast I knit. I’ve never tried to be particularly fast and really don’t think of myself as a very fast knitter, but that doesn’t mean we can’t be helped! I took some time to look up videos that give information about picking up your speed!

In the video above, the flicking technique is mentioned. I never realized this was an actual knitting technique, but my ‘throwing’ evolved into this. There is much less wasted movement in this technique.

The last four minutes (give or take) they’re trying to sell something, the technique is what we’re looking at though. This technique is something I have never seen before, but it looks like a very interesting technique. I think it also forces you to knit with a loser gauge; if you’re a tight knitter the needles would not slide as easily.
One problem I ran into as a new knitter was the fact that I knit everything very tightly. I ended up getting really sore wrists. I googled the problem and as it turns out, other people has the same kind of issues. One of the most common comments I saw, was the loosen your gauge and see if the problem persists. I focused on knitting with a looser gauge and the problem simply disappeared!
I wish everyone luck with their conquest of knitting faster, and remind everyone to take many breaks to prevent fatigue and repetitive stress injuries!