On a Bender

I’ve really been totally and completely out of control. Apparently I can’t just pick up a podcast and listen to it like a normal person, I have to listen to all the past episodes all the way to the current one. Just recently I got caught up on the Knitmore Girls and realized I had to pick a new one to listen to! As I was listening to the Knitmore Girls, I would subscribe to podcasts they recommended and any whose promo tickled my fancy.
Now I have a good list of approximately 47 podcasts lined up; you would think it would be impossible to choose what to listen to next, you would THINK. Not for me, I immediately dove into Dr Gemma’s Cogknitive podcast. Not surprisingly it is about psychology and knitting; not the psychology of knitting, but psychology in general.


A typical episode consists of what Dr. Gemma is knitting, spinning or crocheting, something that makes her happy, a life strategy and a section called ‘blather’. The strategy and blather are the more technical and psychology based parts. I find it completely fascinating.
When I first went to university, I had planned on becoming a psychologist. I absolutely LOVED the classes, and found them very interesting. Unfortunately, the head of the Psychology Department was some kind of multiple choice exam wizard. He was especially good at weeding out the weaker of the heard. It might shock you to know that I am better a written answers better than multiple choice, so I naturally excelled in English Lit. Thus the direction of my life was decided and changed forever! I digress though.
The psychology I took in school was very different from what I hear about on Dr. Gemma’s podcast. I think this is the distinction of cognitive psychology; it’s useful. The strategies she dishes out are amazingly useful on a day-to-day basis. She talks about a wide range of things from dealing with passive aggressive people all the way to a terminally ailing parent. She goes over techniques for coping with anger, depression or anxiety and has made me see some things in a very different light.
A few weeks ago was Bell Let’s Talk Day and there were hundreds of things flying around the Internet about supporting mental health and encouraging understanding of mental health issues. This comic was particularly striking because it really does hit the nail on the head.

Mental Health Physical

This ties in with Cogknitive because of the way Dr. Gemma describes things. She really has a gift for explaining things from the other side. I am not really sure how to describe it, except to give an example. I’ve listened to an episode where she talks about depression and I felt like anyone would be able to understand what that person is going through. It’s a lot more than saying ‘they’re sad’. Obviously her amazing powers of description are not contagious because I am definitely not doing her justice!
The only thing that might put you off is the sound quality. I know I was a little unsure about it at first, but this podcast is so interesting I guarantee you will be so engrossed in what you are listening to, you’re not going to worry about a bit of car noise in the back ground.
Take my word for it and just go listen to this podcast. I’ve already put quite a few friends onto it because Dr. Gemma is funny, witty and I firmly believe her podcasts will teach you something valuable.