The season for knitting shows is coming around! I guess I shouldn’t really say knitting shows, but crafting shows. Even when they are fiber festivals, we can’t leave out the crochet and spinning!


I am happy to say that Stitch Please is signed up as a vendor for the Spring and Fall Creativ Festival! Not only will we be there vending, but I will be giving a couple lectures in Spring and teaching a couple classes in the fall! I have updated our upcoming events (in the sidebar). I will be putting in the web pages and relevant information as soon as they are properly announced!


There are several other fiber festivals we are looking into attending, none have been properly booked yet, but if there are any in your area, please let us know! The next year is going to be very interesting with all the upcoming shows, but very exciting!


If you follow us on Etsy, you will notice the HUGE update we did yesterday! We have 15 colours and all colours come in each different base. Until yesterday there were not photos of every base in every colour. With the help of Sara and Piotr (Thanks guys!!!) I was able to get all those skeins up on the shop! I feel much more complete having most of the colours up now!


As always I welcome any questions, comments, suggestions, hints, proposals, presentations, statements, assertions, debates, dialogues, negotiations and possibly answers if you have them. If not, I am sure I could probably find some around here somewhere.