First and Last

Paul’s middle brother Chris married his lovely fiancee this past Saturday. It was simultaneously the first wedding of the year and the last one we are involved in for a little while! It has been kind of crazy with all the wedding events and then the weddings themselves, but they were all really great!

Paul and Michelle

Alli looked completely amazing and Chris wasn’t too bad either, they had a beautiful ceremony and an awesome reception.

Chris and Alli

I was quite sick the entire time, but started to feel a bit better towards the end of the night. I was determined to stay and not miss anything though.

Pat and Michelle

I am sincerely glad I did not miss one second of their wedding and am so happy to have a sister! CONGRATULATIONS GUYS!!!

Nguyen Women

Everyone has fled the cold weather on honeymoons and vacations, so I instagrammed this picture the other day to show them just what they were missing.

Baby its Cold Outside