First Finished Object on 2015

I finished the haaaat! It was a really great knit because there are miles and miles of stockinet stitch. I find what I am knitting really reflects my state of mind and when I don’t have a lot of mind to spare I like easy things.

Easy Hat

This hat was perfect for being off sick and just knitting plain rounds. It went a lot faster than I thought it would. The total length of the hat is 14 inches, which seems really extreme, but makes the perfect slouchy hat. The pattern is called Sockhead Hat by Kelly McClure and it is my favourite slouch hat pattern so far!

Easy Hat Two

I’ve also been working on Shauna’s mittens. I think I started them in the beginning of last year and let them languish over the summer. When you finish a pair of mittens for someone and it is hot outside, it really doesn’t have the same effect. I have been gradually working on them here and there to finish them off while it is still cold outside. I have the outside of both mittens completed and blocked; the lining never takes a really long time to complete. Hopefully I will have them done for her within the week!

Shaunas Fiddlehead Mitten

I’ve been thinking about what I am going to work on next and I really want to finish off my Grandmother’s sweaters. I realized I had started a sleeve a while back because I have done two back pieces and have started the front of one. If I had the sleeves finished, it would seem a lot closer to being done than it actually is. I hope to really buckle down and work at least a couple rows every day until it is done. I was thinking about having an easy project and before I get to work on the easy project, I have to complete a few rows of the sweaters first.
Does anyone else have to trick themselves into doing things they should, or is it just me?