Holy moly, a new year already. I managed to finish nothing lately and cast on several things. I know… things are looking promising for 2015. I swear my resolution of this year is to finish things! I am planning on getting all those really old projects out of my queue on Ravelry (Fairy mist cowl and Grandma’s Sweater I’m looking at you!).
Now that I have made that declaration, I am sure everything will go swimmingly…. I trust you guys to hold me accountable!

Hat New Two

One thing I have done is to update my 2014 Finished Objects page! I think it is a really therapeutic thing to keep is a running record of all the projects you finish throughout the year. When you look back on it, you feel this really great sense of accomplishment. It’s not quite the same as looking at them in Ravelry because there is no year divider (that I know of anyway). You just forget about the small things or the things you whipped up really fast. I would say it is good for the soul and just leave it at that.
What have I cast on you ask? Well there is one super sneaky project, which must be kept on the down low so as not to alert the recipient, but it is pretty awesome!! I am really REALLY excited to talk about it, but that will all be in due time.

Hat New One


One thing I CAN talk about it the suuuuuper cute hat I am working on! I originally bought the yarn a while ago, I think I was going to attempt to make a shawl with it. I have realized that I am just not a shawl kind of person. I will wear sweaters and scarves, but not really shawls. It is really pretty yarn and I didn’t just want to make socks with it either, so I decided on making the same pattern as my piano teacher’s hat. This is the yarn size the pattern originally called for, so I decided to take it. I wanted to make one of this hat anyway and the yarn will make a great hat. I may make some fingerless gloves as well since I have two skeins, maybe a small cowl if I can eek out enough yardage.
I am really serious about getting old projects done though, I am going to finish off Shauna’s mittens, then work on the Fairy Mist Cowl and my Grandmother’s Sweater. They are going to be my next projects, I might throw in the odd pallet cleanser, but it will be something simple, like my hat!
I am really hoping I will have a finished object to report by next week. At the very least the hat should be done! Considering that it took one sitting to finish most of it the first time around.