Actually Getting to the Shopping

Holy cow has it been a long weekend! It was so busy it really didn’t feel like all that much of a break! Luckily there are only two days of work this week! Friday night, I ended up going Christmas shopping with Paul and Saturday, I continued Christmas shopping with Marianne. Paul’s parents came on Sunday and we went for lunch and then started figuring out thank you cards for that side of the family.

Presents 2014

Friday was interesting to say the least because that is when I did a majority of the Christmas shopping I had to do. I had a list and everything. I had to get things done on Friday because I was seeing Marianne the very next day and I had to have her gift ready. It did require some assembly so I ran around and grabbed the things I needed. By the time I got back home, I had just enough energy to throw things into a bag and put some tissue paper on top. I also shamelessly stole that tissue paper from a gift Paul received from someone at work earlier that same day. Shameless! It was pretty paper though.

Mall Shark

The lack of people at the mall around 9AM was shocking!

This is kind of a difficult post to write since I have only given out one of the gifts I’ve bought. I can’t really say anything specific because people could be reading… or watching….
Saturday I really didn’t get a whole lot. I was looking for one item in particular. It was a specialty item that is uncommon in most places. It is found in kitchen stores, but only a basic model. We were looking for something… fancy. It is for one of Paul’s friends.
I managed to find it at Square One with Marianne. I figured we would. There is all kinds of stuff to be found near Toronto. I feel slightly better about all the stuff I need to do now. Just finish off the thank you cards and get them all sent out!

An utterly crazy amount of suckers

An utterly crazy amount of suckers

Sunday with Paul’s parents we had to look at all the cards from the Asian side of the family and translate the names to Vietnamese. The proper form of address when sending something from us to them. It is all very confusing to me, but I would suppose English is equally as confusing to those who are not native speakers.

Cat Drawing at Jackasstors

Marianne and I doodling on the table cloth at Jackasstor’s

Christmas is coming up and I have all the knitting that I needed to have done complete! I love that feeling. No more stress knitting, just whatever I want to work on. Not that I have been working on anything lately, too busy. I’ll catch you next time with a last post for 2014! I am going to be spending time with my parents and that means no internet access… pray for me.