Not so Functional Friday

My posts have been everywhere this week, what with Christmas coming up and all, it was bound to happen at some point. I really haven’t gotten a good amount of time to play with the ChiaoGoo interchangeables yet, so I am going to hold onto that review. Between now and the new year, I am not going to be posting the regular segments, but just writing about holiday madness in general. I like the holidays and love it when the authors of blogs take the time to be festive!

Paul and Ethan Christmas

I am going to admit it right now… I haven’t started Christmas shopping. It’s a terrible horrible thing, I know. I am planning on braving the malls on this Saturday with Marianne. She is down visiting her parents and was brave enough to meet me… at the mall… five days before Christmas. Brave soul indeed.

Puppy with a Hat

I am not usually so unorganized, I’ve usually got something planned for what I am going to get everyone, I’ve got it wrapped etc. Not this year. This year I am using avoidance tactics and just not thinking about it. My plan is to wander aimlessly in the mall and wait till something jumps out at me. Fair warning to all my friends and family, just hope you don’t get something that literally jumped out at me. Muahahhaa.
I am starting to feel the need to make a list, but only check it once. This year has been a very long year, and I almost feel like I am not capable of feeling stress anymore. My body just doesn’t process it, I end up staring at the wall with a glazed look on my face and have vague thoughts about how agreeable jello is.

Caught Red Pawed

To really show how bad it is, Paul and I didn’t put up a tree this year or get advent calendars! Put the Christmas decorations up for Thanksvember, so I would put that one in the win column! We also have Christmas lights up on the house blinking away madly.
I really wanted to send out Christmas cards this year, but we are just getting our Thank –you cards out from the wedding. I am really close to being done my side. Paul’s mom wants to write her side in Vietnamese and send photos, so I am getting help with that side of the family. The only ones I have left to write are for the wedding party. I want to take my time writing those so I can appreciate them properly. After writing so many Thank-you cards, I don’t know if I could handle Christmas cards anyway. For this year, we can say the Thank you cards are the Christmas cards, I am writing Merry Christmas in most of them anyway.
This past weekend, my parents were down and my mom brought me a few more cards. Two of them were from some family friends in the UK, since they couldn’t fly out for the wedding, I am going to send them some photos.
I hope every one is having good holidays so far and haven’t really started freaking out yet… Christmas is in 6 days!