I feel like I am really on a roll with finishing things lately. I finished Sara’s wedding mittens for last week and this week I’ve finished the socks for Paul’s co-worker and a hat for my piano teacher. I know these are relatively small things so it shouldn’t take me a long time, but I think knitting small things here and there is good for the soul. It’s an excellent feeling to finish several things in a row, I am currently drunk with my own finishing powers right now.

Stripes Socks 3

The socks for Paul’s co-worker were nothing too special. The same old sock pattern I have used a hundred times. There were no surprises there, but I did get it all knitted. I noticed that the yarn was not exactly the same as the first ball I used either. The lengths of the colours were slightly different. Nothing that would be really noticeable, but there is a little top of purple at the toe of the first sock and not at the tow of the second one. It’s on the bottom of the foot so no one is likely to see it; it’s a good thing they’re not my socks because simply knowing it was there would drive me mad.

Stripes Socks 2

Last year, my piano teacher bought a scarf with a really unique colour to it. Almost like a cross between cream and tan? I am not really sure how to describe it, aside from that. It was orange and red as well, but she wanted something that would match this creamy tan colour. I told her that I would knit up a hat if she picked out the yarn. Last year this didn’t end up happening, everyone is busy and there was a lot of pre-Christmas bad weather last year.

Piano Hat

This year she managed to get me the wool. It was the Monday before this past one, so I had until the next Monday to make it if I wanted to get it to her before the Christmas break. I was thinking I probably wouldn’t get it done, but I made really good progress on Paul’s co-workers socks and found a pattern pretty easily.
The pattern I found is a free on Ravelry, which I really liked. It is simple but comfy. I ended up making it a little shorter than the pattern called for because I thought the 14 inches it wanted was going to be a little excessive.
It turned out really well; I think I might make another one for myself. I might have been a little in love with the yarn as well. It was a wool and alpaca blend, super soft, but with the elasticity and memory of wool. Really good stuff.
I am still working on Shauna’s mittens and a pair of socks I have kicking around here somewhere. I am really going to try to finish some more of my UFO’s before starting something new. I think this is one of the few times where I don’t have anything lined up immediately in the queue. It would be a really good thing to go on a finishing spree.