Finished Objects!!

I was very busy this past weekend and managed to finish Sara’s wedding mittens!! As you may have read on Monday, there was a bit of rockiness with the blocking, but it was downhill from there. I also started a pair of socks that are going to be a Christmas gift for the gift exchange in Paul’s department.

Mittens Fiddlehead Wedding

I’ll go over Sara’s mitts first since we are all more emotionally invested in these then anyone could ever possibly know. Well… I am at least!! They turned out really REALLY well! The pattered worked out perfectly, I didn’t leave any pattern mistakes in the mittens. I dropped down and fixed all the ones I managed to make. The denseness of the fabric makes them super cushy and really thick. They are going to be super warm! I feel very satisfied that the bride will not freeze to death. Well… at least there will be no frost bitten fingers.

New Socks

The pair of socks I’ve started is for one of Paul’s co-workers. When they decided to do the gift exchange and Paul realized he was going to have to pick up something, we decided I could whip up a pair of socks. I bought a few mugs that say “All you need is warm socks and hot tea” a while ago, so we are going to put the socks, a couple tea bags, and maybe some chocolate in the mug and wrap it up nicely. I am not counting this as Christmas knitting because if I don’t get it done on time, I could always replace it with something else.

New Sock Stripes

I wasn’t really sure what yarn to use for these socks because I don’t know the woman they are for that well. I got Paul to sneakily check out what size her feet are and I thought about what yarn I would use. I ended up finding some yarn I bought a long time ago for some busy knitting at Paul’s parents place. I had started some socks, but my gauge is totally different than what it is now, so I ripped the old socks out and started them anew. I really like this yarn, it forms stripes all on it’s own and they look really interesting. They’re a whole bunch of different colours so there is no fear that she won’t like the colours. They’re going along really quickly.
Since I’ve finished Sara’s mittens I’ve been really motivated to finish some of the UFO’s around here that I have had sitting around forever. Maybe that will be my theme of 2015… finish what you start. I find once I put something down for a long period of time, my gauge is quite different. I need to knit things all in one go.