Functional Friday: ChiaoGoo RED Lace

I would like to thank ChiaoGoo first and foremost for sending me some of their lovely needles to review! I’ve been really looking forward to trying these out, they’ve been sitting here looking at me. I am going to be reviewing the Stainless Steel Red Lace circular needles in US size 8 (5mm).

ChiaoGoo RED 4

The first thing I noticed when I took them out of the package was the weight. I would not say that most needles are heavy, but these are noticeably lighter than your average needle. They almost felt hollow, which I thought was interesting. It took a few rows to get used to, but it was by no means unpleasant. I think this would be good for people with repetitive stress injuries. I have the occasional pain in my wrists and found knitting with these needles did not aggravate it at all.

ChiaoGoo RED 2

Since these are needles meant for lace, I tested with a yarn that splits very easily and can be more difficult to pick up. The yarn slid onto these needles like butter. The needles points were decently sharp, I feel like the tips could be a little bit sharper, but I like my needles sharp enough that you wouldn’t want to run with them.

ChiaoGoo RED 1

The joins are amazing, the particular length I have is 40 inches (100cm). Usually when you take a circular out of the package, the cord is coiled so tightly it makes it difficult to knit with. This cord simply fell straight; it wasn’t pin straight, the laws of physics still apply. There was a slight wave to the cord, but that is all! I really love that the cord has ‘no memory’. One of the most frustrating things, for me, is dealing with cords that are kinked or hold the memory of being wound into a circle so firmly that you cannot knit with them.

ChiaoGoo RED 3

I really liked my first experience with ChiaoGoo needles and look forward to reviewing more of their products. I have their two interchangeable needle sets to review which I am testing more extensively, but so far, I like what I am seeing from them!