Monday Mishaps: Slacking

I know a lot of people don’t update their Ravelry too often; when they start new projects or buy new yarn we are blinded with the need to cast on right away and leave Ravelry for later. A while ago I decided this was a horrible idea.
I still haven’t updated my stash, I will have to go through everything at some point and add it all in, but I do keep my projects up to date. Lately I haven’t been on the ball and really keeping it together. I haven’t been adding some projects or making note of the blog posts attached to said projects.

Projects Page

It started simply enough, I realized I hadn’t added Sara’s Wedding Mittens to Ravelry! I decided to correct this immediately, I kept all the yarn labels and have taken note as to which needles I am using etc. I entered all the info into the project page, tagged Sara as the recipient and put up the progress photos. I felt a nagging suspicion that I was missing something. BLOG POSTS! Ravelry has this neat little function where you can tag your projects to the blog posts that you write.

Wedding Mittens

I went through and tagged the mittens and discovered that I had written about knitting the Teeny Tiny Mochimochi! I hadn’t even added them to my project page! I went through and added Gnomeo and Garf and scrolled back through the blog posts to tag them in all the posts they were mentioned in.


Of course, as I am scrolling back, there is not one project tagged for a couple months, and I write blog posts every weekday. Needless to say, there were quite a few things that needed to be added and properly tagged.
I always forget to start a project page for my car socks. I had finished two pairs and there wasn’t a project page for either of them. I had to guestimate the start dates, but I managed to get them in with photos etc.
One of the most beneficial things about the blog, is the fact that I HAVE to take photos… constantly. If I want to have a post with pictures I need to have them in order to post. I’ve gotten into the habit of taking them as I go so by the time I am ready to write a post, I have several to choose from. This really goes hand-in-hand with updating Ravelry because most people’s chief concern is not putting up pictures when they put up their projects.


That bothers me as well, so you’re not alone. It doesn’t necessarily need to be a finished object photo though. You can take progress photos as you go and that could potentially be helpful to someone else in the future! I know that not everyone has several enthusiastic photographers on-hand either. I usually call on my friends to take finished object photos every couple months. Until then, I have to make due with the photos I can get on my own. It is lovely to get finished object photos with you in the garment, but (unless you have a tripod) it is near impossible to capture the garment with a selfie. That’s why I usually post detail shots first. Close-ups of stitches or cables.
The moral of today’s story is, don’t leave your updates to the last second. It’s much easier to update little by little than do a huge overhaul.