Functional Friday: Teeny Tiny Mochimochi

Onto the other Anna Hrachovec book I managed to get my hands on! As I mentioned in the review of Super Scary Mochimochi, I was really looking forward to that book and I let Paul pick out one as well since he was so enthralled with Gnomeo. He looked through a few of the books she had out and picked this one.


I think the thing that drew him to these books was the sheer variety of toys in the book. There are seven sections of the book entitled Tiny Animals, Tiny Edibles, Tiny Humanoids, Tiny Inanimates, Tiny Naturals, Tiny Holidays and Tiny Possibilities. Animals and edibles are fairly self-explanatory; animals and food if you were still trying to guess. Humanoids are things like babies, mermaids and robots. When I was talking with Anna at VKL she said the kit patterns she sells aren’t in any of the books, so to get the pattern for something in a kit you would have to buy the kit. The exception to this rule is the gnome and he is found in the Tiny Humanoid section.

TTMM Gnomes

Tiny Inanimates are things like computers, sail boats and record players; small things of everyday life. The Tiny Naturals are things found in nature such as plants, volcanoes and planets. Tiny Holidays include things special for a specific time of year. What I want to see in the next book is a teeny tiny turkey! I think that would be totally amazing, maybe I should try to work on that and send Anna the pattern, or just a random turkey… I don’t think there are many places random turkey is turned away.

TTMM Chickens

The Tiny Possibilities section is all about different way to display your tiny knitting. Whether you’re wearing, carrying, displaying or giving these tiny little knitted treasures there is a way to show them off with pride.
Like the Super Scary Mochimochi book, all the instructions are extremely well written and there are short tutorials in the beginning of the book. The photography is amazingly funny as well. It makes me want to knit toys until you can’t even see the floor of my house, but I am keeping it in check quite well.

TTMM Elephant

Again, I would recommend this book to knitters of every level, especially if you are into toy knitting. If you’re not totally sure about toy knitting, I would really suggest getting one of the small kits. All the materials are included, which means you don’t have to hunt down yarn that would work or find stuffing etc. It really takes the more difficult parts out of it. Right now the only thing stopping me from going totally off the reservation with toy knitting is a lack of time and really REALLY excellent yarn scraps.