Functional Friday: Entrelac 2 by Rosemary Drysdale

I bought Rosemary Drysdale’s first book, Entralac, a long time ago. Not too long after I first started knitting. It was a decision I went back and forth on for a long while. I would see the book, flip through it and admire the patterns, but not get it. At that point, I couldn’t afford to buy it, it was right after I was out of school and didn’t have a job yet. I never forgot about the book and did eventually buy it, but it was a huge case of delayed gratification.

Entrelac 2 two

I was really excited when I realized the free book I was getting from Vogue Knitting Live Chicago 2014! I was also going to be taking the advanced version of Rosemary Drysdale’s class. I ended up getting my book signed just before class and there weren’t very many people in the class so there was a lot of one on one attention. The class was based around the second Entrelac book because that is where the more advanced techniques lay. The first Entrelac book was more about the basics and how to knit Entrelac in the first place. It looks very intimidating so a lot of people are apprehensive, but it really isn’t too bad.

Entrelac 2

This book focuses on Entrelac in a more abstract form. Asymmetrical patterns, knitting Entrelac on it’s side or in a pentagon shape instead of a square. There are a lot of really interesting options for these different shapes and Rosemary incorporates them into the patterns in the back of the book.

Entrelac 2 Three

There is still the ordinary how-to instructions in the front of the book, but everything else incorporates lace, beading, strategically placed yarn overs or bobbles. It is an excellent place to get really great pattern ideas.
As with the first Entrelac book, everything is written very well and there are explanatory photos, but I would not recommend this book for a beginner. The techniques needed are easily explained, but I think the average knitter would benefit from doing these books in order.