Kittens and Mittens

The knitting for this week has been really diverse! I knit up one of the Mochimochi cat kits and I’ve been steadily working on Sara’s mittens. I feel like those are two things on the opposite ends of the spectrum. They’re both really great projects to get back into the grove with though. After the wedding and coming back from the honeymoon it’s kind of hard to remember what you were doing before you got so crazy busy. It really feels like you are picking up threads from some kind of dream.
The cat kit I got from VKL Chicago 2014, includes the yarn for two cats; a grey one and an orange one. I started with the orange one because we’ve got far too many grey cats running around our house already.

Gnomeo and Garf

While I was knitting the cat, Chloe was sitting on the floor and staring at me knitting this tiny little cat. It’s not like she wanted to kill it or anything, she was just watching. I actually think she was a little jealous; somewhere deep inside, she knew it was another cat.


Don’t worry, she eventually got over it and they are good friends now. By ‘good friends’ I mean they kind of ignore each other. Orange cat, or ‘Garf’ as we have affectionately named him, isn’t very vocal to begin with and after the initial jealousy on Chloe’s part, she thinks he was giving her the silent treatment. I am not too concerned though, they will work through it.

Chloe and Garf

Sara’s mittens! I am making these mittens for Sara for her wedding. I am really excited for them because A) this pattern looks amazing no matter what you knit them out of and B) THEY’RE WEDDING MITTENS!! I am really honoured that she would trust me to knit these up for her and I am going to make them PERFECT. Anyone who has read this blog for any amount of time knows about my mania for perfection; lets just multiply that by three and be done with it.
I’ve been taking lots of photos of the mittens so I have something of a picture story about the creation of these! I’ll post my updated pictures every Wednesday, but at the rate I am going I think there won’t be too much left to do next week.

Mitten Photo Story