Functional Friday: Super Scary Mochimochi

This is the book I was anticipating buying, I had always looked at it online and when Anna Hrachovec was selling them in person. After taking Anna’s class and deciding I liked toy knitting, I bought this book as soon as I could.

Gnome O'Hare

As I mentioned in my Vogue Knitting post, the only reason I had not bought one of these books before, was because I was not sure if I would like toy knitting. I’ve tried enough things that I know better than to do a full cannon-ball into the pool of trying something new. You test the waters first. Who knows, you might not like it quite as much as you think you will or you could love it! I’ve definitely tried things that could have turned out better, but there are also a few hobbies that have exploded into full out obsessions… knitting would be example A.

Gnome Scotch

Needless to say, I loved the toy knitting class and so did Paul. We kept taking pictures of the tiny gnome throughout the rest of our trip. Now that we are home, a small part of me wants to see if I could get one of our cats to NOT kill it horribly so I could take a photo. I have my doubts about their motives with my gnome though.

Cat on a Book

In the book there are four different sections of teeny tiny monsters to make. Old school ghouls has all the classic monsters; vampires, witches, werewolves etc. I particularly like the witches, and the sarcophacat! The second category is backyard beasties, with your run-of-the-mill rodents and insects, just with scarier names! The third section is filled with new monsters Anne dreamt up herself and the fourth section is a make-your-own kind of deal. You can create your own tiny little creature of doom. I completely love all the different combinations you can put together; there are instructions for horns, ears, antennae, arms, tails, body shapes, wings, etc. To summarize the section there is a chart with ‘monster math’. Adding all the different options you get your very own monster.
These books are very well written and designed well for every knitting level. If you’ve never knit toys before you would be fine with buying this book. There are picture tutorials that explain all the steps and some of the trickier bits. I will say that you should practice your i-cord because it is an essential skill!

Book Cover SS Mochimochi

Since this book was my favourite I reviewed it first, but there is another Mochimochi book that I am going to review in 2 weeks. I am going to break up the Mochimochi reviews with Rosemary Drysdale’s book Entrelac 2. Unless you absolutely cannot wait to hear what I say about the Teeny-Tiny Mochimochi book, in which case, leave me a comment!