The Honeymoon

I am not going to do this in order. I am sure everyone is curious about the wedding itself and how everything went. Rest assured that everything went well and we did end up getting married, which is the point of everything right? I want to wait to talk about the wedding itself until I get the professional photos back. I really can’t wait to see them (no pressure Jesse)!!
Paul and I were not leaving until the Monday so we had Sunday to run around and tie all the lose ends. I semi thought ahead and packed a majority of things I needed, before the wedding. When all was said and done, I just needed to throw in a tooth brush and other basic toiletries.

Airport Selfie

Our flight was at 9am so we left home at 6am. I was totally wiped out and ended up falling asleep on the ride to the airport, at the airport and on the plane. This was the best flight I had ever been on because I have no memory of it; I don’t even remember the stewardesses doing their safety spiel.

Vapiano 2014

Immediately after checking into the hotel, Paul and I trouped across the street to Vapiano. I was slightly worried about building it up in my mind and no food could ever be that good. I really wasn’t building it up. The food was excellent! I wish I could live there, right across the street, or maybe have them come home with me. We were in Chicago for a total of 6 days and we ate at Vapiano 8 times. Yes, it was slightly excessive. No I regret nothing.
We didn’t really do too much the first day, the second day we shopped the magnificent mile, day three we checked out Navy Pier and I slept a lot on Day four and registered for VKL. Thursday (day four), Friday and Saturday were taken over by classes and we left for Antigua on Sunday.


As I mentioned in the second VKL post, our flight was leaving at 5am. This meant we had to be at the airport for 3am and the airport was an hour train ride away. I went back to the hotel room after my class and slept. The four hours of sleep I managed were not near enough to get me by and I remember very little of the first day in Antigua. I vaguely remember being too cold to sleep on the planes and a really good chicken quesadilla.

Honeymoon Pool

That first night we went to bed around 9pm and slept in till 11am the next day; it was much needed after all the classes in Chicago. Our days followed the pattern of wake up, eat lunch, float in the pool while trying various drinks from the menu, get cleaned up, shower, find dinner and play pool and socialize at the Drunken Duck.

Towel Art

The Sandals in Antigua is known for being a more romantic resort, so all the couples we met were either celebrating and anniversary, and engagement or a honeymoon as well. Ironically, we met five or six couples who lived within a 15-minute drive from our house in Burlington. I didn’t anticipate meeting a lot of people from Ontario let alone the GTA.
All the food on the entire resort was amazing; we probably ate almost every two hours. A lot of the time we would also go for ‘second dinner’ because we wanted to try all the restaurants. The staff was incredibly helpful and usually cheerful. I did notice less enthusiasm when it was searing hot outside, but they were wearing pants (as in, not shorts) and I could cope with that.


One of the things we ended up doing was a sunset photo shoot. They don’t really give you a choice about the day or time, but tell you to show up and they do the photos. Since neither Paul nor I are real big photo people, we ended up getting a few of the professionally taken photos as a memento from our honeymoon.

Sunset Honeymoon

The photos from the wedding take three to four weeks and we are currently sitting at 2.5, so I am hoping they will be done for next week. Really hoping, on the scale of more wishful thinking than anything. Cross your fingers for me!!!!