I’m Back!

Well, I’ll be completely honest with you, I haven’t done all that much knitting in the past couple weeks. BUT there are great plans for the future!

Gradient 2

Last time we talked, I had a pair of gradient car-socks I was working on. I have managed to finish them! The plain ride back from Antigua was five hours long and that was the longest plain trip I had ever been on. Just sitting still for that amount of time was crazy so I am really glad I had some knitting with me. I couldn’t graft the toe closed because I didn’t have any needles with me, but I just left the needles in the toe, and reclined to listen to my audio book the rest of the way home.

Sock Toe

I was also working on the Rocky Coast Cardigan. I was not totally impressed with the gauge I ended up getting in order to accommodate the pattern for the RCC. It was very lose, which would really cause it to grow in the future. I was looking for a pattern that would be fine with a little growing, but I think this was going to get out of control a little bit. I have decided to rip out the little bit I have and knit a tighter fabric.


When I was taking Amy Herzog’s class in Chicago, I got to look at all her samples, and there was actually one sweater there made from 100% alpaca. It was a sample sweater that had been tried on a million times and it had not grown at all. The seams and tension were holding it together perfectly. This made me realize that I didn’t have to go through so much trouble for the type of yarn I was using. I am thinking about using Amy’s website, Custom Fit, to make me a pattern for the exact sweater I am looking for.

Next up on the docket is a pair of mittens for a friend! I am not sure how sneaky I should be with this project, but all I need to say is that they are lovely and will be beautiful. I am going to have to ask her if I can disclose the particulars on the blog!