Small Bout of Start-itus

This week has been a really rough week. Getting everything together for the wedding takes a crazy amount of time and memory; both things are in short supply here. Paul and I have been running around like chickens with our heads cut off trying to make sure all the odds and ends are tied up.
This week we were also struck with a really bad case of the flu. We were both bedridden for the weekend and Monday! It was going around and we were bound to get it at some point. I guess it is better to get it now rather than later and possibly during the wedding. It was not a good flu though, I was legitimately too sick to knit.

Gradient Sock Car

In the past week I have gotten quite a few rows put on my gradient socks that are my car knitting. I can never believe how fast these knit up. It is really quite crazy. I think if I ever had to commute to work, on a train or something, I would be the most productive knitter ever!
I also started another pair of the gradient socks, as per the title. I wrote about them in yesterday’s Technical Tuesday, but here is the photographic evidence!

Gradient Toe

They were a little bumpy getting started, but no more than when you try something new. I found the pattern gave a lot of leeway and wouldn’t recommend it for a beginner pattern. I would have preferred something with more structure, which I could flagrantly disregard. I messed up on the slip one knit one of the heel flap, I had a hard time understanding the instructions so there was some ripping and re-knitting, but I didn’t want to go back too far or I would be totally lost in the pattern.

Gradient Sock 2

I think they are turning out not too bad, all things considered, and no one will really notice if the alignment of the heel is off by a little bit. I did the same thing on my first pair of cuff down socks and I thought it would really bother me, but I haven’t even noticed it. Honestly, how often do you look at the back of your heel? When the socks are neatly folded, no one notices either. This is one of the only mistakes that doesn’t haunt me, which is why I am going over it now, and not as a Monday Mishaps. It was a mistake, but not a painful one, or maybe more like a growing pain. I’m getting taller as a knitter.