Technical Tuesday: Not what I Planned

I did have a post planned for today that involved beading, but I got carried away by yet more socks. As I mentioned before I wanted to try socks from the toe up rather than the cuff down. On a whim I decided to start another pair of socks and give this technique a go.

Pattern Link

First I used Wendy D. Johnson’s pattern Toe-up Socks with a Difference. I believe the difference is because the increases are on the bottom of the foot rather than the sides, but I used this pattern more like a guideline than an actual solid truth rule.
The pattern gives you options for the cast on, but not instructions, I simply went on youtube and found Julie’s Magic Cast on. I’ve heard a lot of good things about this cast on and it’s very popular, how could anything go wrong?

There wasn’t anything that went wrong in the cast on or the pattern itself, but I think the pattern was written for those using the magic loop method of knitting socks, not dpns. The pattern only specified needle one and needle two, usually when you’re using dpns there are three. I put a lot of time and effort into liking dpns so I am not going to stop using them now. I had to improvise a little bit and use my head, but I managed to get it working and my socks on the way.

I haven’t gotten to the bind off yet, but I am going to use this technique, I found it while looking for a super stretchy bind off for sweater cuffs. I always pull up my sleeves and if the BO is not stretchy enough, it cuts off circulation, which is never good.