The Yellow Brick Road

Aaaaaaaaand… it’s October. Holy. Cow. I am getting married in 18 days… and there is so much knitting to do…

Over the Rainbow Socks

With that eloquent start, who needs actual introduction sentence? SOCKS! I’ve finished a pair of gradient socks from the KnitCircus! One pair of the Over the Rainbow colourway. I absolutely love this colour gradient! I was really worried when I cast it on that I was not going to be able to fit in the green on the toe of the sock, luckily, this was not the case. They ended up being perfect. I only had a small amount left from each individual sock cake! I’ve started the next pair of gradient socks on my list, I don’t remember the colourway, but it goes from a golden brown to a chocolate brown. I am doing this one from the cuff down as well, but it is my car knitting. It stays in the car and I only knit it when I am waiting or a passenger. I only knit it once while I was the driver… there was traffic okay!

Over the Rainbow 2

I’ve taken out the couple gradient sock cakes I bought while I was in Chicago last year and plan to knit them all up before we go for our honeymoon. I am trying to get a majority of the yarn knit into an actual garment; that way Paul can’t say I never knit the stuff I bought last year.

Shibui Baby Alpaca Start

I started knitting the Rocky Coast Cardigan with the Shibui Baby Alpaca in the colour UV. It is definitely not mindless knitting, but it isn’t as consuming as you would think a completely cabled cardigan is. It is knit of large needles so that helps take a lot of the monotony out of it. You always feel like you’ve accomplished so much at the end of your knitting session.
I started it just the other day and I can already start to see the cardigan forming. I am not going to wet block this cardigan because I think it will take all the shape out of it. When I was looking for a pattern, I was specifically looking for something that was going to stretch well. Alpaca isn’t the most sturdy of fibers and is known for it’s extreme softness and sagging. I don’t think this cardigan would look terrible once the fiber starts to stretch; it is made with a nice drape in mind.

SBA Rocky Coast

I’ve had some… problems with the crazy striped cardigan, but you will have to wit and hear about that on Monday. That should tell you how well it is going.