Monday Mishaps: No mo’ Mojo

Today’s Monday Mishaps is brought to you by a lack of knitting mojo! Seriously. I know from the outside it may not look like it, but everyone loses the will to knit at some point in their lives. I had a point when I was working a minimum wage job and going through a rough time thatI didn’t knit a whole lot. Come think of it, that probably would have been a stress reliever, but I just had no inspiration and I was still fairly new to knitting. What brought me back was the seventh Harry Potter movie. I made Harry Potter scarves in order to go to the movie. It is just this kind of whimsy I would like to talk about today.
I know this is technically not a mishap where I have messed something up beyond belief, but to lose your knitting mojo and not knit, would be a far greater tragedy than snarling a ball of yarn.

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Aside from that first time with the Harry Potter movie coming out, I have never really lost my knitting mojo. I have always been or become inspired by something, but in the past couple weeks, I lost it. To tell the truth, I didn’t even really realize I lost it. I was still knitting and blogging and talking about knitting; I’ve been elbow deep in fiber for the past several weeks. How could I have lost something that was right in my face the whole time?
While I was still knitting diligently, I was knitting to get samples done for the show. I was not taking any joy in the process; it was mechanical and needed to be done so I was ploughing through it. On a whim I sent out a bunch of messages to random Ravelry friends and the responses were just what I needed to get me back into the swing of it. By hearing about all the things they were working on and patterns they were discovering, I felt a renewed sense of curiosity and passion light within me.
I stumbled upon one of the many ways to get back your passion for knitting without even realizing it, but the first part of the battle is to realize when you are losing. If you ever think you should knit, then say, ‘I don’t really feel like it.’ Not a physical thing, like your hands or wrists hurt, but an emotional and mental resistance. For me, personally, that is the first clue and I seek help!

A sneaky

One think you can do it go on Ravelry, participate on the boards for the groups you have joined. Talk to those people about what they are knitting or how their lives are going. Usually there is some kind of knit-a-long to participate in going on somewhere. If nothing there is striking your fancy, I will move onto trolling for patterns. I enter terms into the pattern search like ‘long sweater’ or ‘mittens’ and just scroll through the hits.
I have found though, that the best patterns come from my friends. Some people on Ravelry favourite the things they like, other people add them to their queue. I add the things I would like to knit, to my library. Find out where your Ravelry friends keep this list of gold and go through it; this is especially amazing when you have friends with the same taste in knitted garments, they will always have something you will like.
That excitement of first finding the most AMAZING pattern is one of the best feelings in knitting, the other is finding the perfect yarn. Going out to your LYS is an excellent way to keep you motivated. The LYS will have yarn and people, which are two of the most crucial remedies in getting out of a knitting rut.

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I really don’t think I should be advocating retail-therapy though, because I have problems on the best of days and if I am in a depressed place… I spend all the money. Just imagine that I said that with a Gollum voice and you get a better picture of that state of mind. If you have a stash, go stash diving to be re-inspired by yarn. There was a reason you bought it, if that reason is still valid and in your tastes, make it happen. If the yarn in your stash is dated or you don’t have enough for a given project try to set up a yarn swap, check the Ravelry boards and people in your area, there may be someone willing to trade.
Another technique that might help is to work on something different. If you’ve been working with lace for the past five months without a break, try knitting in something that is a DK weight, or aran; we could talk totally crazy and head straight through to chunky weight. It will totally change the dynamic of your knitting.
There is another place to re-kindle your romance with knitting, and it isn’t a place most knitters like to go; the unfinished objects box. I have one, I am sure we all have one. Sometimes those projects weigh on my mind and I put them down for no reason at all. If the UFO box holds something near to complete, or just something you forgot you started, it might help chase away these feelings. Whenever I start feeling like I haven’t completed a project in a long time, I finish a few things from my UFO box and I feel like a knitting superstar!

Knitting a Scarf

There is no tried and true way to get excited about knitting, but you will know what works best for you and your situation. What are your favourite ways to get excited about knitting again?