Home Stretch

With the Kitchener/Waterloo show coming up, I am running around like a chicken with my head cut off trying to get things finished. Overall, there has not been much time for knitting, but I do have a FO!


I managed to finish the Vampire Barbie sock. I was really close in the last car ride I took on Saturday, so I polished it off that night. I grafted the toe and weaved in the ends so I could immediately put the sock on. I think I am going to wash one of them because the question I get all the time is, will the colours stay when I wash it. Of course the colours will stay, why wouldn’t they? How would I ever be able to share this yarn with anyone if it washed white? It reminds me of those orchids at the grocery store that are bright blue or purple; after you go through the trouble of NOT killing it, it blooms white the next year. This way, people will be able to see real evidence that when the yarn is washed in a washing machine, it doesn’t hurt it and it doesn’t lose any colour!
I was really concerned about the amount of re-skeining that needed to be done. It was one of those things that kept getting put off indefinitely. Luckily I had a lot of friends helping me out! I’m sorry to be such a high maintenance friend! Please don’t un-friend me from life! As of Monday there was only a small box left.


This past two weeks it has looked like there was some kind of yarn explosion went off; there were no survivors, it was tragic. I have a huge mountain of odds and ends that have been used to tie the skeins together or tie the tags on the skeins to label them. It is really monstrous, but I feel like keeping it as a conversation piece. I could put it in a truffle bowl and keep it on the counter. Yarn décor is the best décor.

We have also been working on the stitch markers. Usually booths have a little extra couple things here and there. Stitch Please will have stitch markers and a few pattern markers. The pattern markers were Sara’s idea because we constantly use post-it notes or craft tape. The problem with these things, is when you’re constantly moving them, they lose the stickiness and fall off. At which point you are completely bamboozled, because I never keep track of where I am. I can attest to how well they work because on the weekend, I was using one for a test run. I managed to knock over my cup of coffee onto the pattern and when I yanked the pattern up and away from the stain, the pattern marker stayed where it was. It is currently air drying with the magnet still attached and marking my place. On one hand I am upset I wrecked my pattern (of which I can simply print off another page) but on the other hand I was really pleased the pattern markers worked so well.

Pattern Markers

That is about all that I have been up to lately, I can’t wait until this show is over and I can semi relax before the wedding. I really hope this show goes well because it is the first step along what I hope is a very fulfilling and successful path! Wish me luck and if you’re attending you can find us at booth 60!