Technical Tuesday: Cables without the Needle

Today I wanted to go over a technique that is a little more advanced, not much, but something that wasn’t a basic technique. When I was working on the French Cancan I was doing a whole bunch of cables with a double pointed needle. I’ve never used a cable needle because I didn’t want to buy a needle that was only good for doing cables, then I got a little more advanced in my knitting and ended up being comfortable with a dpn as a cable needle. The technique I am covering today is to do cables without a needle at all.
I originally looked up this technique because I wanted something that was going to help my French Cancan go faster. I tried this technique a couple times, but by then I already had a really good rhythm going with the dpn. I would stick it through my ponytail when I was done and whip it out when I needed it.

I think I might give these a more honest try when I get around to finishing my grandmothers sweater since that thing is COVERED in cables. Anything that might make it do a little faster. The cables on that sweater are a little thinner too, so it might work a bit better than something with a wider width.

Whether or not needle-less cables are for me, I think it is an interesting technique and there are entire classes taught about it. I would be very interested in taking one sometime to see if there is a ground breaking technique not found on youtube and how well it works. Maybe after Vogue Knitting Live Chicago, I’ll find another conference that will have that opportunity.