Monday Mishaps: Vampire Attack

This Monday Mishap was not hard to come up with at all. It happened to my Vampire Barbie Socks. DO NOT PANIC, no one was injured and the socks are fine. This actually had to do with the quality of Betty the Baller.
Betty hasn’t been doing so well lately. She has been dropping, well…. More accurately, THROWING yarn when she thinks it is a little too much for her to do. The tiny little ball you will have started will simply fly off into oblivion followed by my prowling cats. This is what happened while I was balling the yarn for the Vampire Barbie Socks. Instead of being a smart person and starting the ball over, I decided that I could just shove the tiny yarn cake back on the baller.

Yarn Barf VB

This seemed to be working, the ball winder wound the yarn around the cake that was already there and all seemed right with the world. I started my socks by pulling the yarn from the center like I always do and cast on. After a few rows I noticed that a loop had come loose from the cake and was tangling with my working yarn. I kept untangling it whenever it started preventing my working yarn from moving well and tucking the loose loop back into the cake. It always inevitably came free.

Yarn Barf 2 VB

I managed to knit the entire first sock this way, I know, INFINITE PATIENCE, right? I cast on the next sock and by this time the yarn cake was loosening up a bit. You know that point when you’ve been working from the center and the sides of the ball squish in, but don’t collapse. It was really easy to tuck in the loose loop now because there was a hole in the center. I started noticing that every time I tucked this strand in, the loop was getting longer and longer. I thing I was somehow unravelling the loop itself from within the ball. I was careful not to pull on the loop because you NEVER EVER pull tight on something that might tangle.
I was in the car knitting on the way to Paul’s parents place when my yarn had the hugest yarn barf EVER. I could see it THINKING about happening, the small tangle of yarn inside that thought, ‘oh hey! Why don’t I come see you?’ I tried to keep it inside while just pulling out the working yarn, but there was no help for it. My yarn spit up this chunk of tangled yarn, which I later realized was probably the part of the cake Betty threw and I tried to quick-fix.

Yarn Barf 3 VB

I ended up trying to leave it and knit from the little barf snarl, because that is where my working yarn was coming from. There were a couple tangles and some very acrobatic maneuvers, but I managed to wind the small snarl around the rest of the ball and we are knitting smoothly again.