Functional Friday: Bohemian Girl

This e-book I stumbled upon while creeping one of my Ravelry friends. I do this whenever I am looking for something in specific. Usually I have a yarn that needs a pattern and random searches have not pulled up anything really good. I think only one sweater in particular had been put in this person’s library, but I looked through the entire e-book.
Whenever I see a pattern I like in an e-book, I usually spring for the whole thing. There is no point in buying a single pattern now and realizing later that you should have bought the whole book. Even if one pattern in particular is really on my mind, I find that blinds me to good things about the other patterns.

Feathers in the Wind

Bohemian Girl has three sweaters and a cowl included for the price of $15 USD. For these patterns I gladly paid this amount and I am quite happy with the quality. I haven’t knit any of these patterns yet, but I have read through them all. The instructions are very clear and there are written as well as charted directions.
All the patterns in this ebook are natural and evoke a boho-gypsy feel. The pattern that attracted me in the first place is called Feathers in the Wind. It has a lace panel in the front and is fairly reminiscent of the Julissa, except it is a cardigan. I am planning on knitting this in a cranberry colour closer to thanksgiving when I will, hopefully, have more time. I think the lace panel looks like leaves a little more than feathers. The pattern itself is really basic with a garter stitch collar and button band. The lace panel is a series of yarn over-s and knit two together-s. I am very excited to see how it turns out in the red.

Looking Back

The sweater Looking Back is very interesting because it can be worn with the buttons on the front or back. The buttons going up the back adds a classy look to a sweater that can be seriously dressed up or you can turn it around and have the lace panel in the back. I guess that is the cool thing to do now-a-days is have a lace panel somewhere in your cardigans. If this were knit in a neon pink, it would jump from boho-gypsy to just straight up stylish. I am personally a fan of the more natural look, but I would love to see any of these sweaters knit in a very loud colour.

Old Romance

The last sweater is named Old Romance; it is a loose fitting cardigan with lace panels up the sleeves. The lace on the sleeves has been knit in another colour so it stands out from the gray background. This one is just not really my style, but that doesn’t mean I will never knit it. There is an opportunity for everything!

Something in the Air

The cowl is lacy and feminine with a little extra fabric around the edges. I don’t want to call them bobbles, because I feel like a bobble has to be bigger, I also don’t want to call them fringes because a fringe needs to be longer, but there is definitely a fancy little edge on the cowl that makes it very soft and delicate.
Overall I say the ebook was well worth the money and I will be knitting the Feathers in the Wind cardi before thanksgiving. Fingers crossed anyway. I already have my eye on a sweater that I was hoping to get done before the Kitchener/ Waterloo Knitters Fair. We will have to