Just an Update

What have I been working on lately, let me see. There is the French Cancan and the Vampire Barbie Sock, but those are nothing much new. I have really been trying to get them done and making pretty good time on them as well. I am close, I can feel how close I am. I was also inspired to design my own sweater, but I will save talking about that until the very last.
The French Cancan, I am still applying the edging. It is really deceptive, you don’t think you have that much left and then it goes sooooo slowly. Partly because the edging only takes away one body stitch every other row. This way, you could only have 15 body stitches left, but you need to knit 30 rows to get rid of those stitches.

Green Shawl 90 Percent

Regardless of that, it is so beautiful! I really love it! A lot of people have been saying “oh! Cool, a shawl!” but they don’t even notice the edging, which is the most impressive part of the whole thing. My mother and mother-in-law-to-be did the same thing. When I showed them the edging they ‘oooh’ and ‘aaaaah’ over it, which was much more gratifying.

VB Sock Finished

I am getting pretty far up the shaft of the sock and coming up on the heel. This sock is striping up a little differently; I think my tension is slightly different. I always have this problem though it is a lot more noticeable with variegated yarn.

Sock Comparison

You could really notice it in the Royal Sock that knit for a lady at work. I really don’t mind the look that comes from them, chances are that no one really sees the pattern or how different it is from one sock to the other.

VB Socks Different Pattern

Another thing I did this week was updated my Ravelry Projects page. I am not too bad at this, usually I remember to keep things updated, but there were a few socks that I completely missed putting them up. I am really glad I keep the blog going because I already had great photos of all my FO’s.
Now that the percentage bar on the Vampire Barbie Socks and the French Cancan are getting closer and closer to done, I am really looking forward to starting something new. Any pattern suggestions? I am thinking another sweater!