Functional Friday: French Cancan Review

As you may have gathered from my post on Monday, I’ve started the French Cancan pattern. This is the first shawl I have knit more than a few rows of. I went over the beginnings of the shawl on Monday so I won’t repeat that now.

Shawl Edge 3

There were a couple things about this pattern that really stood out to me. The first thing is the amount of really helpful links that are in the pattern. Since those not familiar with the beginning of a shawl might be concerned at the strange square they started knitting. The link provided has excellent instructions that are versatile enough for any shawl for this beginning.

Shawl Edge

There is also a tutorial for knitting on an edge boarder. I didn’t end up using this link because it seemed rather straightforward to me. At the end of each right side row, you just knit two together through the back loops. That was self evident, but I had a hard time following the instructions. Usually I am a die-hard chart knitter. With the chart and the written instructions, I always go for the chart. For some reason I had a great deal of trouble with the chart, I ended up going for the written instructions. Once I caught onto the pattern, it was not difficult to figure out. There was a little bit of trial and error, but it is looking great!

Shawl Edge 2

I think the way the chart was written was a little different than I am used to. Usually you knit the purls on the wrong side; the whole pattern is usually written for the right side and you just transpose the stitches for the wrong side. This pattern was written so you knit the knits on the right side and you knit the knits on the wrong side as well. This caused me some confusion because I didn’t read it properly. In one sense this is very helpful; you don’t have to use your imagination with the pattern and you can just read it. On the other hand, I am so used to having to translate the stitches from RS to WS it totally confounded me.

Shawl Edge 4

Aside from that, which was my own fault, the pattern was fairly simple and is going very fast. I really like the elegance of the cable along the bottom with the simplicity of the garter stitch in the body. It makes this pattern an easy knit, without looking like it. This is, of course, my favourite style of pattern.