Making a Mark

Lately I have been occupying myself with a lot more than just knitting, The latest thing I’ve been getting into is making stitch markers. It was originally something I wanted to get put together for the K/W show. I thought that just selling yarn is great, but a lot of places have a few other things to sell in their booths. Little things, which are inexpensive, but extremely useful. I decided to make some stitch markers because I always see them and they are so god-awful expensive; I wanted to see how difficult they were to make and how much expensive they were to make.

Stitch Markers 1

I actually had a lot of fun making these stitch markers, it is almost a therapeutic kind of repetitive movement. I imagine that is what is so relaxing about knitting. The hand movements and concentration on one thing. Your finished object comes a lot sooner, but is smaller; the sense of accomplishment is much less, which prompts you to do more for the same sense of satisfaction. You just don’t realize how many you have done until you give up and survey the carnage from above.

Stitch Marker 2

I have had a couple different people making them because not everyone shares my tastes. It would be best this way; there will be something for almost everyone. I am not going to lie though; I think some of the people I slave labored into helping me had a little bit of fun. I also fed them, which is only fair!

Stitch Marker 3

I also started a teespring campaign. I first saw this with a Harry Dresden t-shirt on facebook. I thought it was AMAZING and I supported it. The goal is 50 t-shirts and you have to reach that goal in order to have them printed. This allows you to get custom t-shirts for wholesale prices. When I got my shirt from teespring, I was very impressed with the quality and thought I should get this out there to a bunch of knitters. After all, how often are there t-shirts with knitting sayings? Let alone ones that are so true.

Hell Hath No