Etsy Update!

It is coming around to the time where I need to update my Etsy listings! Since I have been stocking piling all this yarn, I figure I should at least have it up on the Etsy site. I don’t have photos of everything so the update will happen within the next couple days, but I have a few teaser photos for you!

Yarn Photoz 2

I’ve been trying to have the Garnet Label photographed since it is the most lacking. I believe I only have one listing with multiple photos and colour options. I really need to put each colour in it’s own listing so there is no confusion.

This is going to be a great way for me to keep track of my stock as well. Instead of going through and counting all the skeins every time, I am just going to adjust my inventory on Etsy. I just need to sign in and see what the stock looks like! Keep an eye out for this Etsy update; hopefully it will be within the next couple weeks!

Yarn Photoz

I’ve also started sending out a monthly newsletter. There is a place to enter your email in the sidebar now. It is the very first one. I am going to be sending out coupons to the Etsy shop and updates about the blog and inner workings here at Stitch Please!