Monday Mishaps: Taking Issue with Mohair

Since I sang the praises of ShiBui Silk Cloud here on Friday, I’ll tell you how badly I managed to screw it up during the knitting process. Most of the time, my Monday Mishaps don’t really have much to do with the product or products I am using. It is me not paying attention and just going off on an assumption. Since I always say to never assume, because you only make an ass of you and me, I should really not live in this glass house.

Issues with Mohair 4

First thing you should know about this yarn is it sticks to everything. It sticks to the inside of your project bag, it sticks to your shirt and it sticks to itself. On one hand, sticking to itself is amazing because you don’t need to weave anything in, I just cut the strand I was currently using and spliced in the next strand. You didn’t need to do much in order to splice it in, just kind of put it close together and rub both strands between your fingers. Considered to everything else, this was nothing.

I didn’t manage to finish the scarf Friday night, I had gotten it mostly done, but not totally. I woke up on Saturday and knit a few rows then prepared to graft it together. This is when I discovered that I had done the provisional cast on wrong. Instead of unraveling when I pulled on it, the cast on stayed firmly put. I am stressing an even stronger recommendation that a quick overview of the provisional cast on be included with the pattern. Since I did it wrong, I had to meticulously unpick the cast on and pick up the stitches as I did. After this, I was thoroughly exasperated, but ready to do the grafting. I made sure to leave an extra-long tail because if I ran out of yarn on the grafting, I was going to lose my mind!

Issues with Mohair

I started the graft and it went very well, it looked great! I was very worried because in the last scarf I had knit, you could easily see the graft and I was not really impressed with that. However, closer to the end of the graft, my yarn was looking very short. I thought to myself ‘What. The. Hell.’ I had DEFINITELY left enough for this graft, there should have been an excess, a large excess. As it turns out, since the darning needle was half-way through the tail of yarn, I had not moved it closer to the open end as I went along. Instead of giving myself more slack I had been grafting in the open tail end of the yarn.

I didn’t have time to go through and pick the end out. I had to get ready because we had to leave for the train.

When we got to the train station, I dropped off Paul to get his ticket while I parked. The line for tickets was 20 people deep. There was no way he was getting through that line in 10 minutes. I told him to just buy a Presto card so the next time we could just tap and get on the train, rather than waiting in line. After Paul and I got onto the platform and the next train was 15 minutes away I realized we forgot the tickets for the game on the kitchen table. I wouldn’t have time to run back and grab them, and I already paid to get on the train. Not wanting to be a pain in the ass to the birthday girl, I called her boyfriend and asked him if he had access to a printer. Since he didn’t I ended up emailing the tickets to Alanna and she printed them at work.

After this was settled, I sat down on the platform and tried to fix my mistake. IT TOOK FOREVER. I had to carefully separate the graft from the tail and pull the tail out, without tightening or otherwise altering the original graft. After this, I was able to complete the graft on the train and take photos.

Alanna's Scarf

I told Alanna that the scarf fought back when I tried to complete it, but the beginning of that day was almost biblical in it’s tests. I was lucky the train wasn’t late or something! Even though we got off to an auspicious start, the day flowed fairly well after that, and the Ombre Cardigan was well behaved.