Functional Friday: Gradient Scarf by Shibui Knits

Here is the review of the pattern for Shubui Knits Gradient scarf. As you can see in the photo it ranges from colour A to B to C to D. That is not actually how the pattern is written. I like to take my own initiative with patterns, but I did knit it true the first time.

The cowl I made for myself was a chocolate brown, flax, gold and a deep purple. I decided to follow the pattern and do the brown twice, so it goes from grounds to camel, to flaxen then Velvet It is quite subtle. Normally I don’t do subtle but I wanted the gradient to be as inconspicuous as possible. It worked out quite well, for the most part.

Shibui Scarf

The pattern itself it not very difficult; this cowl is worked with a seed stitch while holding three strands of the mohair yarn. The first thing you do it make a provisional cast on, the instructions plainly say to use your favourite provisional cast on and cast on X amount of stitches. I personally do have a favourite provisional cast on, but I think I would have outlined one for those who are not as experienced with more advanced techniques. Aside from the beginning the pattern is really clear about which colour to sub in next and which one to take out. It really into too hard to figure out if you use your head.

Shibui Scarf 2

One thing that is very good to know about this pattern and yarn is, once you have completed it and wear it a bit, the yarn stretches. If it looks a bit small I wouldn’t worry about it because I made mine a little smaller than I would have liked but once the yarn got really comfy in this new position, it relaxed. I know it might have been short sighted for me not to realize this, but the thought never struck me. Partly, I think, because I don’t really knit too many things that are in danger of stretching. The yarn I usually use is much more springy and robust.

Shibui Scarf 3

The needle size also goes onto the long list of things I like about this pattern. So many people look at the think mohair and go ‘you’re knitting a scarf… with that?’ The assumption that it is going to take the rest of my natural life is misplaced. This pattern is knit on 5.5mm or US 9 so it knits up really REALLY quick. Mind you, this is not a heavy winter garment that is going to protect you from the ravages of winter, it is a fashion piece. It is incredibly soft and beautifully coloured, perfect to be worn next to the skin for a warm summer night out.