Bridal Shower Number One

I feel slightly embarrassed whenever I tell people I have two bridal showers. I kind of feel like they think I am just trying to get more stuff or something. I had one for my family this weekend, they live around Sarnia and that is a three hour drive from my house. I didn’t want my family to have to drive three hours to come to a shower here and I didn’t want my friends to drive three hours for a shower there. I ended up just splitting the difference and having two.

Shower Sign

This weekend was for my family and there was a turnout of about 15-20 people. My friend from Burlington, Liane, volunteered to make the drive with me so I had good company. I went early in order to help out a bit, from what I gathered, things had been pretty hectic the couple days before. However, I was told I was not allowed to help with my own shower and ended up playing with my nephew for a little bit.



Shower Table 2

Then I realized, I had forgotten the one thing I was supposed to bring; thank you cards. We were going to put them on a table and have people address them as they came in. This way I could write out the cards, put them in the corresponding envelope and send them off. I made a quick trip to Walmart to pick up some different ones, but they didn’t have a box of thank you cards, only individual ones.

Shower People

Since I had little thank you cards at home, I just found a box of small envelopes and brought them back. People would be able to fill them out and my little cards would definitely fit in them. Back at the house, everything was coming together and as soon as 2pm hit everyone arrived. It was like someone had planned it; three cars pulled in one after the other.

Shower People 2

It was really nice to see everyone again; I don’t get an opportunity to see my Dad’s side of the family very often so it was nice to catch up with my cousins. One of my high school friends was able to make it out as well, which was really nice.
There were some word scramble games, and get to know the bride and groom. Since most of that side of the family has only met Paul once or twice, there were some humourous guesses as to what super hero he would like to be and if he could live anywhere where would he live. There were a surprising amount of right guesses for my side. Cousins and aunts who hadn’t seen me in over a year were able to guess things like my favourite colour and food.
After the games, there was a game for me to play. Everyone had brought a pair on panties and I had to guess who brought which pair. I was extremely bad at this game and I just tried to stare down people till the person who brought it cracked a smile. This technique was more effective than my guessing.

Shower Table

After this I opened presents; everyone was very generous and I got a great deal of things to replace my student kitchen ware. After living together for five years, we have accumulated quite a few things. Paul and I registered for kitchen ware to replace those that were reaching the end of their natural life span.
After gifts we ate! The shower theme was strawberry, so there were strawberry mimosas, chocolate covered strawberries, strawberry cake, strawberry cheesecake and any other way you could conceive to work a strawberry into food. The favours were small jars of homemade strawberry jam, everyone LOVED the jam favours.
Now I have been brain storming a little bit to come up with interesting favours for the next bridal shower and the wedding. What is the best favour you have taken from a wedding or shower?