Monday Mishaps: Dyeing is Killing me

As you have read I have been doing a lot of dyeing and as you can probably imagine, the more you do something, the more you can mess it up. I have managed to find a few little things to make it easier, but I have had my fair share of screw ups lately.

First of all, with all the dyeing I am going to be doing, I made a schedule with what colours I was going to dye in what weeks. In order to make sure I didn’t run out of yarn completely, I also created a schedule on when I should order more yarn for the weeks ahead. I started by writing out all the yarn I was going to be using for the future and put room for a dye order once a week. Using excel I managed to figure out when I should be ordering what.

Dyeing 1

With my math skills I thought this was a particularly fine achievement. Now that I am more than a week behind, I have to shift everything in my book. Luckily I planned on getting behind; with everything going on with the wedding and having been unwell for the last little while, I figured I would not be at the top of my game.

Dye Explosion 1

Along with the schedule for dyeing, the job itself is extremely messy. I remember writing that it was much easier to dye one colour and multiple bases a while ago, but this means I have to make the dye solution several times in one session. This leads to a lot of colours on my kitchen island. I am glad I have the thick plastic covering it or else all the rubbing alcohol in the world wouldn’t be able to help me.

Dye Pot

I am going to have to look for more pots and pans in hopes that this will speed me up even more! Every time I dye a whole bunch of yarn, I don’t go slow and steady, I marathon through it. I don’t start unless I have time to do a lot. By the end, my back and feet are killing me; I’ve already cut the amount of time spent dyeing in half, lets hope I can cut it down again!