Anniversary Surprise

Paul and my six-year anniversary was on June 22, since it is the last ‘dating’ anniversary Paul decided to surprise me with something. He went through my planner and picked a stretch of five days and wrote ‘busy’ in each section so I didn’t plan anything else on the same day.

As it turns out, we were going to Cuba! A long time ago Paul and I were thinking about planning a trip somewhere. At the time, our budget just didn’t allow it so we were not able to go. I had mentioned that I didn’t want my first all-inclusive vacation to be our honeymoon. As the wedding came closer and closer, I completely forgot I said that and just accepted that we weren’t going anywhere before our honeymoon. I guess Paul has been planning this for a couple months and managed to get us a last minute deal really cheap.


So I have spent the last five days in Cuba on a resort. It was extremely hot and humid. I managed not to get sunburned, but got a little heat exhaustion. I had to keep going back into the air-conditioned confines of our room since I am not used to spending a lot of time in a hot sunny environment. I managed to sleep a lot and spend quite a bit of time in the pool.

It was a much-needed vacation; I was getting very close to turning into a bridezilla. Even though we really didn’t do much more than sleep and swim I feel better for going. It’s nice to get an emotional reset sometimes and hey, if it is in Cuba, so be it!


Sorry this isn’t a long and involved post, but I am exhausted and want nothing more than to go to bed in order to get up early and be refreshed for work tomorrow morning! Check in Friday for my review of the most useful piece of equipment for knitters on a plane!