Carol’s Socks

My friend Carol was the first person to purchase my yarn. As soon as she saw the pictures of the skeins I dyed, she immediately claimed a couple colours. I had no problem at all with this, she was in need of sock yarn and I wanted to know how they would look. She just showed me the photos of her finished objects!!

They look so great! I am glad she was happy with the end product. I suggested my standard sock pattern by Glenna C. I don’t care what sock yarn you are using, this pattern ALWAYS looks great!

Carol Sock 2

This colourway is now known as Nightfall. I originally wanted to call it Emo Tears of Man-Pain in honour of Nerd Girl Yarns, but I doubted anyone would get the reference. NGY has many colourways from popular fantasy tv shows and video games. I first met them at Vogue Knitting Live Chicago and LOVED that they had a Tardis colourway from Dr. Who. One of their product lines was from the TV show Supernatural with colours like Gank Demons, Boy with the Demon Blood and Shut your Cake Hole.

When I saw all these colourways I loved the humour behind them and suggested they make a colourway with the name I had seen on Supernatural bingo. Common things on there were; Dean eats Pie, Quirky Hotel Room, Castiel Stands too Close to Someone and Emo Tears of Main-Pain. The character Dean is a very gruff and masculine character, as the series goes on, there are more and more scenes with these two brothers crying. The world needs this yarn!

Carol Sock 1

However, Paul pointed out that I don’t have any other colourways with that theme and don’t intend on creating any, so I had to re-name it. It will stay the same in my head though!

The other colourway Carol got was named Evergreen. It’s a lovely green with yellow undertones. I won’t be dyeing that colour again; I am a little bit in love with Leaf Green which is very similar but with more blue undertones than yellow.

Carol Sock 3

Speaking of colourways though, I am in the midst of naming a red colour way. It is the epitome of red and I have been batting around names for a while. So far the best one that was suggested to me was menstrual rage. What are your thoughts?