4 Month Wedding Update

These months are flying by; I cannot believe there is less than four months to go. Sometimes it seems like four months is forever to wait and other times I feel like October 18th is hurdling towards me as though catapulted. That’s right… catapulted. I feel like there is so much to do and at the same time I don’t know what I haven’t done. I’ve been telling all my friends, who aren’t currently planning their own weddings, just elope.


It’s really not going bad. Currently the biggest thing on my mind is the showers. I am having one back home with my family and one in Burlington with friends and a few people from work. My mom is hosting the one back home and Alanna is hosting the one with friends and coworkers.

I am excited because I hope these will be fun and give me a chance to see a lot of people with whom I haven’t visited in a while. I am really hoping there won’t be any embarrassing antics that happen, but what happens at the bridal shower stays at the bridal shower… hopefully.

Wedding Guest Libs

I’ve got a pinterest board started with ideas for bridal showers that I like, there is some really creative stuff! I am glad I know a few people who are getting married after me so I can use the massive amount of wedding boards I am following. I’ll have to go through and methodically unfollow all of them. I’ve got until July 2015, which is the latest date one of my friends is getting married… for now. Who knows what will happen between now and then though!

Wedding Pillows

Wedding-wise, we just got the invitations in. I ordered them via Vista Print and they turned out very well. I actually wish I could have gotten the actual invitation and my RSVP cards a different size, but there were only so many options. Really though, no one else is going to care and I seriously doubt many people will keep them. I was thinking I might get a nice canvas printed with the invite on it. They are really cute and if you’ve got a digital copy, why not take full advantage of it? We will have to see, I plan on getting wedding pictured printed on a canvas to do a collage somewhere. That will probably be part of it.

Stag and Doe planning is going well enough. I am still trying to wrangle in donations for the raffle, but it is a little over whelming. There are so many sources where do you even start?! We should have a good amount though, with the things the bridal party are donating and the things Paul and I have collected ourselves.

Wedding Cat

Paul has started collecting the bits and pieces for the Stag and Doe games. He was actually having way too much fun ‘testing’ the beanbag set he managed to find. I will admit that it was a useful exercise because we quickly discovered that the beanbags were very poor quality and kind of exploded if you tossed them too hard.

That is about all for now. I am starting to feel a constant state of stress which is probably not a good thing. The odds are rising that I will bridezilla out on someone, I haven’t yet; although I HAVE threatened to many MANY times. If it happens I’ll try to get someone to take pictures so I can put that into my wedding planning book. It would obviously be one of those moments you want to remember forever!