Functional Friday: Podcasts!

Since I’ve been reviewing a lot of knitting tools on Fridays, I’ve decided to take a couple minutes and review two knitting podcasts. The first one is called knit circus, from knitcircus yarn. The second it called CraftLit, it is a really wonderful literary podcast for the book loving among us.

I was directed to the Knit Circus pod cast because I love Jalaa’s yarns. Found on Etsy, KnitCircus does the most amazing gradients! You will see an example of the colourway for the month of may, Over the Rainbow, because I ordered enough for two pairs. I just can’t get enough of these gradients.

I’ve actually met both Jalaa and Amy at Vogue Knitting Chicago! I plan to see them there again this fall! Both of these ladies are the most welcoming and friendly people I have ever met, and considering most knitters, that is saying a lot! You can especially tell in their pod cast; sometimes I feel like I am just having coffee with them and listening to what they’ve been up to in the knitting world.

There are a lot of really great resources for patterns, books, upcoming events (mostly in the USA) and a lot of information in general. I usually listen to these podcasts while I am working and constantly take notes. By the time I’ve caught up on all the episodes my desk is completely covered in post-it notes.

The reviews are honest and they always pass on things they think are the best. If something they review doesn’t meet with their approval, we don’t hear about it. Amy and Jalaa keep me in the loop as far as upcoming knitting publications are concerned. I am always writing the release dates for book releases in my planner.

The second podcast I am going to talk about is CraftLit. I briefly mentioned CraftLit in an earlier podcast; Heather was nice enough to help me with formatting the new blog space. I did not really go in depth as to why I like it so much.

As creepy as this may sound, I love Heather’s voice. She has a very good voice for doing audio books or a podcast and has amazing sound quality. There is nothing worse than trying to listen to an audio book with poor sound quality. To really demonstrate how much I appreciate good sound quality, I once popped in a set of headphones and listened to this podcast when I was having trouble sleeping in a hotel. It really did help, I went straight to sleep and had some very strange dreams… Although I think that had more to do with the story that particular podcast was about…

Enough about the esthetics! CraftLit has great content as well, which is really the most important thing. As an English major I really don’t get as much opportunity to flex my language muscles as I would like, so this is a perfect fit for me. As I mentioned in my previous post, the books read on this podcast are in the public domain. Which means they are older and mostly classic literature.

I could, technically, go onto the website that records all these audio books and listen to them straight, but I love the commentary Heather does. She puts things into historical context, accentuates the tone someone used while speaking and those 1000 other little things that make you understand the book better. I have a great appreciation for the research that goes into each book and she really manages to find good information. They are very engaging and I would highly recommend this to anyone who wants to read more, but can’t stop their hands from crafting long enough!