Unseasonably Appropriate

As I have been saying over the past few weeks, it seems like winter in Canada has finally gotten up and gone! Naturally with the surge of hot weather, I am knitting garments appropriate to that level of heat… Mittens!

I’ve finished the rest of the hand for Shauna’s mittens and just need to start on the thumb and lining, I think I will wait to do the lining until I have the shells done for both mittens. That way I can block them together.

Fiddlehead Mittens Thumbless

I am going to do a before and after photo of the mittens because there is a significant difference. I know a lot of people say lace is that way, it looks like hell, then you block it into something beautiful. Having never knit lace, all I have to go on is these mittens.

The very first time I knit this pattern, I was very upset. I thought I had my tension off and since the colours are carried behind the main colour, they were all scrunched up! I really thought I had messed them up. Of course, I immediately googled ‘Knitting flattening out stitches’. My search was filled with hundreds of things about blocking and I decided I should give that a try! I hear a lot of mixed reviews about blocking and the different methodologies from different schools of thought, but I’d be lying if it didn’t work like a charm. The mittens were prefect!

In my inexperience I didn’t take a picture of the mittens beforehand. I wanted to hide the evidence as soon as humanly possible. This time I am going to show everyone how much of a difference there is. I still don’t think it will be comparable to the first time, because I have a much better grasp on my tension, but it will still get my point across.

Ombre Orange Raglan

Aside from the mittens I am doing well on the Ombre Cardigan! I am really excited about it because this is going to be the softest cardigan anyone has ever seen. The lace I chose to use is Merino and Silk. I can’t wait to try it on! I also really like the Ombre Cardigan pattern because, as childish as it sounds, I can’t wait to get onto the next colour block. Right now I am still knitting with plain orange, but in an inch or an inch and a half, I get to change out one orange strand for one blue strand. I am measuring every half hour or so to see if I have the recommended amount of sweater before I make the swap.

Ombre Orange Back

The end of last week and this weekend I was horribly sick, so I did not manage a whole lot of knitting. I slept a LOT and am now dealing with some seriously spoiled cats! I swear, you give them all your attention for two days straight and they are completely unreasonable after!